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Before visiting one of our Dillard Recovery drug rehab centers, it may be difficult for you to understand that you have an addiction that you can’t overcome on your own. Those who don’t understand they are battling addiction find it difficult to accept that they need professional assistance. That’s why it is key for you to eliminate all denial. That way you will be able to overcome this once and for all. Thankfully, when clients arrive at our substance abuse treatment facility in Bellingham, Washington, they find themselves working with knowledgeable, caring, and understanding professionals who are committed to helping them break free from addiction.


Addiction, Detox, and Withdrawal

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in 2013 that more than 24 million Americans 12 years of age or older used illicit drugs in the month that the survey was conducted. As drug use morphs into addiction, the physical, emotional, and behavioral health of the individual begins to deteriorate. As addiction consumes a person’s life, they face things like loss of self-esteem, loss of standing in their community, and loss of relationships in the family.


When clients step through the doors of our drug rehab facility located in Bellingham, they have likely experienced a downward spiral and recognize that professional help is not only necessary but mandatory. Our first goal is to help an individual deal with the physical aspects of addiction. Supervised detox programs are key to achieving this goal.


Supervised detox is a way for clients of our Bellingham addiction recovery center to go through the withdrawal and purging process under the watchful eye of caring professionals. Separation from substances requires supervision. The support of therapies provided at our Bellingham addiction recovery facility can minimize discomfort and prevent some of the more dangerous symptoms associated with withdrawal and detox.


Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe an individual who has depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders while battling alcohol and drug abuse. The substance abuse and the disorders are illnesses that impact and exacerbate each other. At our addiction treatment center in Bellingham, each person is treated with their own individualized treatment plan.


We have worked hard to create a warm and safe environment. In order to address dual diagnosis, our clients must feel safe to express how they feel, what they are thinking, and the challenges they are facing. We strive to help our clients understand that substance abuse as well as mood disorders are mental illnesses that can be treated. They are not evidence of moral weakness, nor are they proof of a character flaw.


Clients at our addiction treatment facility in Bellingham are often surprised at how they and the conditions they are dealing with are treated with dignity and with respect. We know that if our clients do not feel comfortable, do not feel welcome, and do not feel at ease, they will not be able to heal.


Care after Treatment

We are elated when our clients make it through our Bellingham drug detox clinic and addiction recovery program. They have accomplished a phenomenal task. That being said, there is still more for them to conquer after treatment is complete.


The transition period between rehab and going back to daily life can be precarious. We offer numerous aftercare programs that are designed to make that transition easier. The purpose of these programs is to serve as a bridge between the life of our clients before treatment and the life they desire for the future.


Aftercare services we provide include continued counseling, support groups, counseling, and monitoring. What is important in the days, weeks, and months following treatment is that our clients continue with their ongoing recovery process. Just because an individual has reached consistent sobriety does not mean that they are totally cured and can let their guard down. Our aftercare programs make transitioning easier. They make it easier for clients to develop new habits, find new friends, and create a new way of thinking that minimizes their chances of relapse.


When a client first walks through the doors of Dillard Recovery addiction treatment facilities, they may feel that they have reached the end of their rope. When they walk out, our hope is for them to feel like life is just beginning. A drug free life is possible. Let our network of rehabilitation centers show you how. All you have to do is give us a call today and we will begin setting you up with an appointment at our drug rehab center in Bellingham, Washington.