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When it comes to long-term recovery from substance abuse, one of the most common roadblocks a person will run into is withdrawal. Many people know that their addiction is causing great suffering not only for themselves but for their family members and friends. However, the physical pain and the sickness that comes with the withdrawal process can be so severe that it causes the person to give in to the temptation. This can become a revolving cycle of physical and emotional pain that leads to relapse. Don’t worry, Dillard Recovery is here to help. Come to our addiction treatment facility in Lehi, Utah for a free consultation today.


Some people have been through this cycle so many times that they feel completely hopeless. They feel like it is better to just give up because there is no way out. We are here to tell you that there is hope, you do not have to give up. There are many benefits you can receive at our substance abuse treatment facility in Lehi.


The Importance of Supervised Detox

The very first step that you need to take when it comes to substance abuse recovery is detox. While it is a necessary step, we know that it is something that is both psychologically and physically taxing for our clients. We provide a high level of care in Dillard Recovery drug rehab centers in order to help our clients go through the withdrawal and detox process in a safe way. The first goal of our Lehi drug detox clinic is to help you get over that giant hump. Then, we help our clients find the strength and energy needed to move on to the next phase of the recovery process.\


At our addiction recovery facility in Lehi, we understand that the detox process is not something that is going to be pleasant. However, our Lehi addiction recovery program offers many benefits that can help a person successfully get through detox and onto the road to recovery.


You will find a safe and clean environment here at our drug rehab facility in Lehi. You will have the necessary privacy to get through the initial phases of detox. We provide the supportive care that is needed to help you continue through the physical and emotional difficulties you may face along the way.


Stop Suffering Alone

As you have gone through the cycle of addiction and relapse, it is very likely that you have felt alone. Even though friends and family members may have good intentions, they do not always understand what you are going through. Or you may have had the experience of dealing with judgmental friends and family members. This is also extremely alienating. When you visit our addiction recovery center in Lehi, you will see that you do not have to suffer alone anymore. There will be no negative judgments made.


Dillard Recovery also uses a multi-pronged approach to help our clients down the entire road to recovery. This approach involves different aspects of detox, therapy, and many forms of aftercare. You will have support from our staff members and other clients in our addiction treatment facility who are going through a similar situation to your own. We will be with you every step of the way. You can feel confident and safe in our Lehi addiction treatment center knowing that success is possible and within your reach. You can stop suffering alone and giving into your doubts and anxiety.


Part of our approach is seeing if dual diagnosis is necessary. This is something that is often referred to as coexisting conditions. We will explore the possibility of how addiction may have led to depression, anxiety, other mental health disorders, and vice versa. Furthermore, our care is individualized. We treat you as a whole person. We know that your background, makeup, experiences, and everything else that makes you different from our other clients. So while you will receive the support and friendship from other clients, our goal is to provide treatment that is designed for your particular needs.