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Wondering about Addiction Treatment? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve come to terms that you have an addiction that you cannot beat on your own and have decided to enter a substance abuse treatment facility, you have taken the first step to overcoming addiction. Our addiction recovery facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers a variety of benefits for any client who might be struggling with a problem with drug or alcohol abuse. If you’ve been feeling alone or isolated, understand that there are many others who are going through the same situation as you. They understand the struggle, and more importantly, they understand how the road to recovery works. When you choose to seek help at a Dillard Recovery drug rehab facility, you’ll receive the assistance you need to break free from addiction, but the journey doesn’t end there. Once your time at the drug detox clinic in Chattanooga is over, you’ll continue to receive aftercare. Here’s what you need to know.


What Happens at Dillard Recovery Drug Rehab Centers?

First off, understand that when you experience an addiction, our Chattanooga addiction recovery program can help you move forward with your life. You might feel trapped, scared, or alone, but the truth is that you have options. It’s important to seek help at an addiction treatment facility so you can receive supervision as you undergo detox. This is the safest way to detox and ensure that your health is constantly protected and cared for.

At our Chattanooga addiction treatment center, you’ll participate in group therapy, personalized counseling sessions, and a variety of activities designed to help you break your addiction. Once you leave the addiction recovery center, though, you aren’t entirely on your own. You’ll continue to receive assistance and guidance as your journey continues.


What is Aftercare?

After detox, many clients find that treating their addiction in rehab is a simple process. After all, they are without the stress, anxiety, and toxic relationships that can trigger relapse. When you return home, however, you may find that staying sober is much more difficult because there are extenuating factors that can increase your anxiety and cause stress in your life. Because of this, it’s vital that you receive aftercare.

Aftercare is simply the continued process of receiving treatment after your stay at rehab has ended. At our drug rehab facility in Chattanooga, we understand exactly how addiction recovery is an ongoing process, and we’re ready to help you move forward with your life. Make sure that after you return home, you continue to take care of yourself and receive ongoing treatment for your addiction.


What are the options for aftercare?

Aftercare typically consists of group therapy sessions and individual counseling. You’ll need to discuss the frequency of therapy with your counselors, but understand that the primary goal is to help you stay sober and keep from relapse. No one will be judging you during this time. While you’re in rehab, you’ll learn many ways to avoid relapse and will be provided the skills you need to stay sober. Continuing to receive aftercare will ensure you’re able to put these skills to use and continue to stay strong and avoid situations where you may feel stress and anxiety.


What are the Signs of Relapse?

When it comes to relapse, the first sign is that you stop attending group therapy or counseling sessions. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t need the support system anymore, and you may pull away. Typically, this is followed by a period of stress and anxiety in your life. You may begin thinking about drinking or using drugs, and then you may start to plan how you’ll use them. During this time, it becomes incredibly important to talk with your counselor right away. He or she can help guide you during this time and help you to avoid relapse.

Don’t wait any longer to change your life. Give Dillard Recovery a call today and we will set up an appointment at our addiction treatment facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.