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Breaking Free from Addiction: Here’s What You Need to Know

Addiction is not something most people like to think or talk about, yet it’s a major issue that dramatically impacts millions of lives. Maybe you’ve been struggling to hide your addiction from your friends and family. Perhaps you’ve gone into debt in order to fuel your addiction. You may even be having a hard time keeping a job as a result of your addiction. If you’re tired of struggling and feel like you’re alone in facing addiction, it’s time to consider visiting a Dillard Recovery drug rehab facility in Portland, Oregon. An addiction recovery center can make a huge difference in your life. Here’s how.


What to Expect at Dillard Recovery Drug Rehab Centers

Those seeking help at our Portland substance abuse treatment facility, aren’t always sure what to expect. If you’ve been considering entering a drug detox clinic, it’s important that you understand exactly what to expect.


First of all, you’ll meet with a professional who will discuss your treatment options with you. You’ll receive a treatment plan designed to meet your personal needs. Each client has a unique situation and personal story, which means you need to have a care plan that is perfectly catered to your needs. If you’re dealing with an underlying mental health disorder, we will implement a dual diagnosis mental health treatment program to combat any mental health disorders in addition to your addiction. Here at Dillard Recovery, you’ll be able to receive treatment for your mental health issues. It’s incredibly important to seek help for your mental health at the same time as you receive treatment for your addiction. There’s no need to wait to treat your mental health, our addiction recovery program in Portland is equipped to help you handle this.


When you join our Portland addiction recovery facility as a client, it’s important to understand that safety is vital for each person. At our addiction treatment facility in Portland, you’ll be treated with care and respect. Dillard Recovery addiction treatment center value each person and their individual character. Client safety and comfort is an important part of recovery. Because safety during detox is so important, we will make sure you have the necessary monitoring during withdrawal. Supervised detox ensures that you’ll be able to break free of your addiction in a safe, controlled environment without relapsing.


Understanding Therapy at Rehab

When you begin rehab, you’ll typically participate in a number of various types of therapies. Your therapies will be suited for your personal addiction and will help you break free from your addiction and move forward with your life. Your therapy protocol will include counseling with a therapist as well as group therapy.


When you meet with your personal therapist, you need to maintain open and honest during communication. If you feel tempted to hide the truth from your counselor, you may find that recovery becomes more difficult. The goal of individual therapy sessions is to help you identify causes and triggers of your addiction, which means open communication is vital. Remember that you will not be judged for anything you say in therapy, you simply need to communicate truthfully so you can move forward.


Group therapy sessions offer a valuable way to interact with other individuals who understand what you’re going through. Are you worried that your friends and family members don’t understand you? At group therapy, you will be completely understood by your peers. Each person at your group therapy sessions is going through a similar situation to you. Those struggling with addiction and a mental health dual diagnosis want to move forward with their lives. You may find that the community you encounter is motivational and will help you move forward.


When you’re ready to seek help, don’t wait. Reach out to our drug rehab center in Portland, Oregon to begin getting the help you need to break free from your addiction once and for all.