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Is it Time to Visit a Detox Clinic?

Are you addicted to a drug? Are you struggling with alcoholism? It may be time to visit a drug detox clinic. If you’re like most people, the idea of attending a drug addiction recovery program may sound difficult, but the truth is that this is exactly what you need to move forward with your life.


What happens at Dillard Recovery drug rehab centers?

When you enter the substance abuse treatment facility in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll meet with a professional to discuss your goals for therapy. Are you struggling with your personal relationships? Is it hard to hold down a job? Do you feel like you’re living two very separate lives? No matter what you’re dealing with, you’ll discuss this at the Columbus drug rehab center and receive a personalized treatment plan. This plan will be individually tailored to you and your needs to ensure you receive the treatment you need to overcome your addiction.


At Dillard Recovery, you attend rehab and live at the addiction recovery center in Columbus. However, there are many options available, so make sure you consider which style of treatment will work best for you.


Once you come to the Columbus drug rehab facility, you’ll begin with therapy. You will attend individual counseling with a professional therapist who will help you create a personalized treatment plan and provide screening for dual diagnosis for any underlying mental health issues. Our addiction recovery facility in Columbus offers individual therapy sessions where you’ll be able to talk openly and honestly in a safe, comfortable environment. If you feel like your friends and family members don’t understand what you’re going through, you may be relieved to find out that your therapist understands you. He or she will help guide you through the process of ending your addiction and will encourage you as you move forward.


You may also participate in group therapy sessions at the Columbus addiction treatment facility. This provides a safe, caring environment where you can communicate with other clients who are experiencing addiction as well. While each client has a unique story and background, you will find communicating with other individuals who are going through this comforting. No one likes to feel alone, and group therapy is designed as a way for you to get support and enjoy a caring community at the addiction treatment center in Columbus.


Why you should get treatment a rehab center

Many clients struggle with the decision to join a center for treatment. This is understandable. After all, asking for help is a huge first step and requires courage and determination. One of the most valuable reasons to seek assistance during detox is to receive supervision as you break free from your physical addiction. Supervised detox ensures you’re able to break your addiction safely and as comfortably as possible. Your counselor can offer a tailored detox plan to help you break free from addiction.


What happens after rehab?

When you finish your treatment at the addiction treatment facility in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll need to continue seeking treatment. Because the chance for relapse is at its highest when you leave rehab, it’s important that you continue to attend regular therapy sessions after your treatment period has ended. You will never be alone, you can attend group therapy sessions to receive continued support from other adults who understand what you’re going through as well as individual counseling sessions with your therapist. The type of therapy you receive will depend on your personal preferences, but we make sure that you do continue to seek assistance after your addiction treatment has ended. This will help ensure you don’t relapse and are able to stay sober long after rehab. Call Dillard Recovery today to get started.