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Take the First Step to a Life Free From Drugs

If you are considering getting professional help for drug addiction, we understand that the process is often daunting. An addiction to drugs is stressful. It puts stress on the body, on your mental health, and on your friends and family. We have assisted thousands of people who are in the exact situation as you or your loved one. Galloway Recovery has helped them to get on the path to a healthy life free of drugs. At our drug rehab center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, our sole focus is to help clients detox from drugs before going through the steps to get healthy and stay drug free. Our drug rehab clinic in Santa Fe is part of a network of drug rehab centers that spans the country. While personalized care is always our main method of care, we have the reach of a nationwide network that allows us to give the highest quality customized addiction care.


When attempting to get free from drugs, the first step is to undergo the detox process. This process should always be done under supervised care. By detoxing at a professional addiction recovery center, a staff of professionals can monitor the process. Our dedicated drug detox clinic in Santa Fe focuses solely on managing the detox process before providing comprehensive treatment. Our team provides all the help you need during this difficult process. We also provide important nutrition and make sure you are as healthy as possible during the process.


One of the best moments at our Santa Fe drug rehab facility is when our clients come through the detox process and begin their life without drugs. Clients are often filled with hope and begin to envision the life they can have if they stay free from drugs. We provide each person with a highly individualized treatment plan. Each person will have different needs, we always tailor our addiction recovery program to meet those specific needs. We know that throughout the process new needs will arise. Our recovery programs are consistently adjusted based on what our clients are going through, until recovery is sustained.


Our addiction recovery facility in Santa Fe doesn’t simply help our clients get free of drugs. Galloway Recovery also provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment. By looking at the physical factors that led to addiction as well as providing mental health treatment, we enable our clients to learn about the root causes of their addiction. Mental health treatment also gives our clients additional tools to help them stay free from drugs after they leave our Santa Fe substance abuse treatment facility. These tools are incredibly powerful in staying free from drugs for a lifetime. We have a full staff of highly educated mental health professionals that will guide the process. We offer personal counseling sessions as well as a variety of group sessions.


In addition to what our team provides, many clients find the community of other people to be one of the greatest benefits of attending a professional addiction treatment center. There is a true sense of camaraderie between clients here. You can build an extended support group while you attend group meetings at our facility. Knowing that others in the room are going through a similar process helps facilitate conversation. Going through the healing process with others is an added benefit.


When going through the rehabilitation process, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our clinic offers an atmosphere designed to make you feel at home. Galloway Recovery offers a variety of activities designed to help people get to know each other and be both active and productive. We also do our best to oblige any special requests.


Going through rehabilitation may seem difficult, but it is essential if you want to have the healthy life you know is waiting for you during treatment. We invite you to give us a call or set up a tour of our addiction treatment facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our friendly, professional staff members would be happy to speak to you and help you take the first step to changing your life.